Senior citizen bob provides info on creative ways to work at home, find elder care, freebies and more.


Here at the senior citizen bob community, you will have a place to learn and share with other seniors. While we focus on hobby, health care and fitness, we explore crafts and activities for you to have fun.

We also check out the latest work at home job opportunities for seniors. If going to work is out of the question, you can still make money through a fill-in-the-blanks website, like I did.

I used to be a geriatric caregiver nurse, and have since retired from the job. My career focus was always been about providing seniors with healthy activities, hobbies, encouraging companionship with others and health information that will make their lives more rewarding.

The senior citizen bob web site began as an extension of my caring about seniors. This site is dedicated to my parents who taught me values of family, friendship and being supportive to others.

We will continue to grow and provde you with information to improve your life or at least, possibly entertain you in our own way.

If you have the inkling to create your own web site, using your favorite hobby or past work experiences and your knowledge about that subject, we can provide you a link to the best on the Internet.

With these web sites, you are not alone, as so many site owners on the Internet have found. We are all connected to an owners forum. There are numerous web site owners (thousands!) willing and able to assist you when you have a question or need help or an example on how to create your best site and expand on it. You won't this anywhere else!

At the senior citizen bob community, we will provide the link for you to see how many seniors and others have created great web sites using their own favorite hobby or craft and linking to advertisers who provide the product. And yes, you can make money using their products without having to deal directly with any of those products or services.

Watch the video and see how you can do it, too!

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Since senior health information is always changing, we will search for the latest health and medical news for you.

Come back to Senior Citizen Bob anytime to see our updates!