Activities for Senior Citizens What's Your Favorite?

Activities for senior citizens include arts and crafts, games and hobbies or sports. Add some friends. Sprinkle in a little time for fun and you will enjoy life a lot better.

Some people think that seniors should sit and watch someone else have all the fun. Don't believe them. You can keep your mind strong while keeping your spirits high and make new friends.

You will gain quality mental stimulation that can delay or prevent dementia and Alzheimer when you are actively involved with arts and crafts.

Come along and have more fun activities for senior citizens today!

During bad weather or winter blues, find a group of ladies who like knitting and crocheting.

When good weather comes backs around, throw in a game of golf or table tennis. Table tennis has become one of the top mental stimulation games due to brain activity in analyzing yours and the opponent's next move.

Put a table tennis set on your patio!

I try to get outside and do something fun every week when the weather is good or at least bearable.

When we went golfing last week, a large black cloud hovered over us for over an hour. It finally let go and we were all drenched! I am sure you know an avid golfer who goes out even in a rainstorm or in a heat wave. I prefer not to be soaked but it was fun to spend time with the friends.

Whether you are a golfer or not, there is a great camaraderie involved in golfers getting together. It is a very healthy activity for senior citizens, both physically due to the walking and carrying of a bag and socially.

Golf will help you to maintain good friendships. It also assists in mental dexterity that could fend off dementia or Alzheimer. Golf is fun no matter what the weather! Well, maybe not in the snow.

I drove home with my rusty senior citizen driving skills. My friends say I need a refresher course. I am now ready to do that and found a great place that teaches defensive driving. I even got an insurance discount for better senior citizen driving

Once home, it was best to get dry clothes on and then play table tennis for a small workout that also helps the mind fight dementia, at least I hope it does.

When I have friends over, I like to show off my flying helicopter and planes, one of my senior hobbies. It's great to see their faces when it zooms over their heads!

Whether we go out and watch a sport, or stay home and play cards, board games, or crafts, I am always surprised how much fun I have just being with family and friends.

Senior citizen activities keep you young in spirit and friends make it better. If you have recently moved to a new location, check out the senior chat rooms and find someone who has a group or check with your local church.

One lady I know thought shopping was the answer to drive depression away. Then, she joined a neighborhood knitting club that also went on senior casino tours, bicycle tours for senior citizens and to church together. She found that including hobbies, games and crafts in her weekly schedule, made her depression quickly vanish.

Just recently, a neighbor invited everyone to a croquet party and they all dressed up as Alice in Wonderland costumes. Simple snacks were served while they played croquet. They are still talking about the fun with croquet!

One lady found her own way to make fun with a weekly tea party where her group of friends get together and try samples of different tea. for seniors

If you ever need assistance with any of these activities for senior citizens, and family can't help out, there are caregivers trained to assist your activities for seniors.

The secret for all of us is to find the right hobbies, games, and crafts activities for senior citizens.

Whether you are active in sports or like less active hobbies and crafts, you can find another senior citizen who also likes to do that activity. One of the best hobby activities for senior citizens is Classic Cars. Come along and see!

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