Advice for Senior Citizens

Advice for senior citizens is about maintaining good relationships in your life for better mental and physical health.

First of all, the focus on relationships for senior citizens is more important than many people realize. As seniors, we may have more time on our hands and that time needs to be used to improve our lives.

Relationships of all types can improve your health. Without people in our lives, we might get depressed, wither away from bad habits, not eat well and generally lose care of ourselves. As we age, taking good care of mental and physical health becomes even more important.

People thrive when in social situations due to the fact that we all respond to feedback from others. Look for people who are positive and happy when you are around. And try to be positive for them, as well.

A pet is good for health but can't take the place of a relationship with another human. We may talk to our pet but they can't carry on a conversation with us.

The best advice for senior citizens to avoid loneliness is to seek out people who are similar to ourselves, and nurture each other through friendships and gatherings.

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Studies have shown that the happiest people are the ones with a few friends. That is due to the friends generally listening to you and generating positive feedback.

If you are homebound or too busy to go out to socialize, you can still make friends online though online chat rooms.