Astronomy Hobby

Astronomy is one of the most interesting hobbies for all ages. Our natural curiosity about the universe compels most of us to stare at the sky on a clear, star filled night.

Your imagination is your only limit! Find the planets, the moon's shadows and if you are lucky, a shooting star or comet. Experience the possibilities of the universe!

If you are a nightly watcher of the stars, a great telescope can come in all prices ranges, making it an affordable hobby. For those who have to have the best, there are numerous brands to obsess over.

While usually only one person at a time can look into the telescope, this doesn't have to be a lonely hobby. There are astronomy clubs at universities, through local clubs and at meetup groups.

At these outdoor star gazing parties, gatherings or classes, owners of many types of telescopes will show off their personal telescopes. I have been to several and have found that most of these astronomers allow you to observe through their own telescopes.

Make friends at the star parties! Take your spouse, or for singles, make a romantic date that includes watching the stars on a clear evening sky.

You can take your star gazing hobby to the next level with your own personal telescope.

Telescopes range from very affordable to very expensive, depending on your need for scope strength, size, model and how dedicated you are to your hobby.

You can find great reviews on telescopes, binoculars and more at

Telescopes for Amateur Astronomers

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