Caregiver Jobs for Seniors

Caregiver jobs are available for seniors.

In home health care, the standard training is the basic caregiving class, plus CPR and first aid usually taught by experienced nurses. You would become a registered or certified nursing assistant and be able to work for an agency, hospital or nursing home.

Training can be completed within two months and is not expensive. You will be able to locate these classes throughout your State. Many local hospitals provide CPR and first aid classes free.

Basic caregiving training is generally less than $200. for the class. This class is affordable to many seniors who might want to consider becoming a nursing assistant.

Community colleges have more advanced LPN, licensed practical nurse and RN, registered nurse courses that generally pay much better than a basic caregiver job.

Many nurses begin as a nursing assistant, called an RNA, while in school. NAC is the other designation, meaning they have taken the state test to be certified and can work in a hospital or nursing home.

Once you have the training and have registered with your state, you can apply to either a service that specializes in nursing care, use word of mouth through friends or family, or check the newspaper to see if a business or family is hiring.

Proof of current state registration, a referral or two and your personal interview are all that is needed to get the job. If you need a resume, you can create your resume online with the help of resume builder.Click Here!

As a job, pay generally ranges from $9 an hour to $25 an hour. If you work for one of the senior care services, they generally take up to 50% of your hourly pay.

Hospitals generally pay $15. to $20. to start with better medical and retirement plans, plus annual raises and vacation pay.

There are non-medical agencies such as Home Instead that do not require any training or experience to be hired. You would not need to do actual nursing.

Non-medical care giving may be a good place to start while you finish your training or if you are a senior who just wants to supplement your income. No formal training is required but the agency will require and provide basic training videos and short tests for you to complete periodically.

Many of these jobs do not require lifting or other strenuous activities. Some are basic cooking and companionship for elderly who are home bound. You would need transportation and possibly a driver's license and car for some clients. You can find a non-medical agency in many parts of the country.

For senior care services that are of a medical nature, they do require their nursing assistants, NAR or NAC, to eventually become trained in advanced medical issues such as Alzheimers, cancer, dementia, and diabetes.

Knowledge or experience with disabling diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s is helpful as you will encounter these conditions in your job. For more information on these conditions, check the

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Medication assistance classes will teach you how to properly handle medications that may include giving diabetic insulin shots. Lifting may be required in some cases, so be sure you know how to lift to safeguard your back from low back pain.

Whether you are a senior or younger, if you are considering becoming a caregiver as your job, you need to be an outgoing person who is cheerful and have empathy for your clients.