Caregivers for Seniors

Caregivers are nursing assistants trained to help seniors with their daily life.

They are required to have training that includes first aid, CPR, health classes, and be tested and registered with the State before gaining a job.

Once trained, some RNA workers add the certification test that is required to work at hospitals or nursing homes in many States.

Home health workers may have either criteria. It is usually up to the assisted living, adult family home or private residence to decide on certification or experience.

You can easily find trained and registered RNAs to hire for part or, full time or 24 hour shifts. Many will work a 3 or 5 day live in arrangements where they are available around the clock. For people who need 24 hour care all week, there are usually 2 or 3 persons who cover the time.

All nursing assistants are required to take ongoing continuing education annually of 10 or more hours. These classes give them additional understanding of specialized medical conditions that include dementia, Alzheimer, diabetes, mental disorders,and the medications the client's need.

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All States require background checks to weed out abusive or criminal types. If you hire your own caregiver, you can check with the local police and have a background check done.

Many of the agencies provide specialized ongoing training and keep a log of continuing education classes that each employee has taken. The caregiver keeps a certificate from each class.

Disposition is as important as skills in this job. Expect your assistant to be as cheerful as the situation permits, skilled in the necessary duties and health conditions, plus experienced in emergency procedures.

To find a qualified nursing assistant, there are many listed services available to help you. They range from 25. an hour to 80. an hour, depending on your needs.

Or, if you have a referral from someone who knows one who is trained, you can easily hire one yourself and save money. Most privately hired workers will charge 18. to 25. an hour.

Just ask to see their State Registration form, which shows the RNA or CNA designation. A good reference is always helpful. And ask if they are trained in the medical situation where you or you loved one has the need.

Your new personal health assistant is the next best thing to family and quite often become close friends with their clients.

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