Cell phones for Senior Citizens

Cell phones for senior citizens should be easy to use.

Larger numbers, better sound quality and a great speaker plus easy to turn off and on.

You will want to accessorize with a headset to keep your phones radiation away from your brain. This has been an issue for several years and debated. But, it is in your best interest to er on the side of caution.

Accessories can easily be purchased at the time the phone is purchased. Some phone companies provide a small headset extension with the phone.

Cell phones range in cost from free to several hundred dollars, depending on your needs.

Be sure to check all of the costs before purchasing. Most companies expect a 2 year contract. But there are several companies that do not require a contract.

There are several models to choose from.

The Nokia C3 This is a great phone!

This phone has a full QWERTY keyboard to make checking email and browsing the internet very easy. Additionally, it has an MP3 player so you can hear your favorite tunes. Bluetooth compatibility is enabled for linking to your car.

Nokia 2720

This little phone can fit into your pocket. Due to its smallness, it isn't great for eyesight problems and sometimes not as good at getting the web.

SamsungA697 A great phone!

You will have the benefits of a more expensive touchscreen at a more budget-friendly price. A colorful 3 inch display, and one-click messaging access.

Samsung A177

Full keyboard, wireless messaging and Bluetooth.

These phones are all available without a contract through consumer cellular.

(We are in process of reviewing several more phones. Please check back)

Cell Phones for Seniors