Classic Cars for Seniors

So, Seniors always have the best classic cars. Do you want to find, fix, buy or sell a classic car?

If you want a hobby you can drive, show off at the shows and you like to spend time polishing and fine tuning a vehicle, you should try it.

No need for prior experience, just a little patience. If you are mechanically inclined, you should do very well. The skills you can learn through trial and error or through videos available that give you the fine details to complete.

First of all, you will need to locate the car that you favor. It may not be available now but with a little patience, you will find the one that is worth it.

There are places online that sell classic cars.

There are clubs and shows that you could attend where plenty of seniors have completed their work and are working on another model. I have seen a good variety of beautiful models at various auto events around the country.

If you have a grandson or granddaughter old enough and interested in tinkering, you may have a great way to spend time with your grandchild. Just driving around inside the classic is fun!

You will need to get the right classic car and replacement parts.

Quality is extremely important in this hobby. It will pay off when or if you decide to sell.

Upgrading your electronics is a good idea. Find great electronic car supplies at B & B Electronics.

Be patient. It could take a year or longer to put in the love and care into your vehicle to make it just right. Once done, you should be proud that you have improved a masterpiece.

You can then check the value of your improvements at Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book.

Then, check your insurance rates and credit score.

Always keep your car in a safe place such as a garage or well lit area and insured.

These are highly desired vehicles and you wouldn't want to have it ruined.

A quality detail will keep your car looking its best. A professional detailer knows the best and safest products for your car.

My personal Detail expert is Jonathon from Radiance Detailing. My car glows from the special care he takes with my car.

A good detail should keep the paint looking new!

When you get your project completed, send us a photo and show it off!

See you at the shows!