Crafts for Senior Citizens

Crafts for senior citizens to usually easy to make if you learn the right skills. There is a good feeling inside you when you make something with your own hands.

There are so many ways to express yourself!

You can make a gift for a friend or family member's birthday, or during the Holidays or keep and show off your personal flair at home or in your garden.

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If you are one of the lucky people who are good at drawing, sketching or painting, you may want to consider selling your art. You need to make sure you have the highest quality supplies.

The type of artist paper you use is vital to the craft project's quality.

If you enjoy painting or drawing or know an artist, then you will find that they are no longer restricted by their locale. There are many art schools online and local who teach their students to expand their abilities online and create their own web site stores.

A close senior citizen friend of mine, Marsha Brown, is in the process of creating her own web site to sell her art online to the world.

You can do this, too, with your own art or hand made items. Making a web site is easy with Site Build It. I did this and many others have found it to be the best way to reach a nationwide or worldwide audience.

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For most of us, being a famous artist is not what we are after. We have found that we can enjoy the making of a winter scarf, booties for our grandchildren, by knitting them ourselves.

Hand made knitted scarves, mittens and sweaters are in demand everywhere. Why? Because it is done one at a time and not mass produced. Your own hand made item is personalized and that makes it special. Seniors know their home made unique designs are high quality!

Popular celebrities like Madonna, Kate Moss and Julia Roberts have found knitting rewarding. It is relaxing. It helps manual dexterity. Your fingers and hands become stronger making it easier to open jars, even for older ladies!

Do you want to

learn how to knit?

Crafts for senior citizens are a great way to spend time with their grandchildren, and are generally more fun than television and video games. Children enjoy the attention they get when they get to use their creative skills.

A friend of mine has her grandchildren make small stained glass ornaments for her windows. It's so easy for the kids and they love to put them in their rooms, to.

One of my favorite projects is making my own personalized coffee mugs and calendars. I can put photos on both that I like.

I like to make these items as Christmas gifts for friends. They can be personalized with favorite photos pets or family members or beautiful scenery!

There are so many ways I have had have fun with my grandchildren. They love to make anything so whatever scraps I have around goes into the project.

We sometimes make figurines or small yard items. I enjoy creating something for my own home or yard.

I have found supplies where projects with the supplies and patterns are bundled to make it easy. Projects and supplies can range from $5.00 to $200. and be fun to create, no matter the price.

Candle Making has been around since man first figured out to make wax from animal fat.

It is quite easy to do and children even love to learn how to make their own decorative candles. Most people love to receive home made candles. They are also useful if a winter storm knocks out your electricity. Or you can learn candle making

Your garden is the ideal place for home made crafts by senior citizens!

Make a garden oasis with a small pond, trellis, gazebo and decorations you made yourself!

My daughter bought a preformed pond that she placed small rocks and then flowers around next to a walkway. Then, she purchased a fountain and circled it with decorative stones, planted flowers beneath it and it is a favorite place for birds and friends. Garden oasis supplies

On a cold, rainy day or when you want to organize your family photos, recipes or make gift cards or even a wedding book, do scrap booking.

Senior citizens will find that creating crafts is great fun when your grandchildren are visiting.

We have made our photo albums using scrap booking supplies.

Senior citizens can make floral arrangements with real or silk flowers. This has become big business for weddings and could give you a more activity or even an income. It also is a great way to decorate your home.

Wood working is usually a man's craft, but doesn't have to be. There are easy to use tools available that make it easy for everyone. Videos are available to show the details needed for quality.

You will find more detailed information at woodworking for seniors

To boost your creative artistry in the craft of woodworking, visit Larry on his journey through the joys of creating a masterpiece.

For Inspiration and Information on woodworking, visit Wonderful Woodcraft

Do you want to know how to make money off of your crafts? Most senior citizens are good at more than one craft or hobby.

The Home Crafts catalog is full of companies who are looking for crafty people who want to work for them. Senior citizens can find businesses who want to purchase your craft. You can do this at home at your own pace. No selling, the companies in the catalog buy your crafts!

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