Fun Croquet for Seniors

Croquet is a fun activity for seniors.

Many Americans think of the game as a backyard amusement that is less competitive than the European version and possibly for children.

The American version is called six wicket. It has been simplified since its origins in 1856 where Isaac Spratt registered the rules. The American version is also played in Canada.

The balls are played in the same sequence of blue, red, yellow and black. A ball's deadness towards the other balls is carried from turn to turn until it clears itself by scoring its next hoop. If you run out of bounds, you lose a turn.

If you hit someone's ball, you get an extra turn. It gets more complicated and exciting as the balls end up out of bounds or near the boundary.

Another version is golf croquet, where a hoop is won by the first ball to go through a hoop. Blue and black balls play against red and yellow balls. The winner is the person or group who wins the most hoops. This version has less rules.

There are clubs around the world for the serious players. There is an annual world championship game and an annual women's championship.

Associations that promote mostly the golf version are spread throughout Britain, Australia and other countries. The United States Golf Croquet Association, based in Florida, holds tournaments throughout the country throughout the year for the more serious players and people who love to watch the game.

This is a great way to amuse your family or grandchildren when they visit, or having a party. It is simple to set up and take it down. The rules are easy enough to learn and it doesn't need much space to play.

There are also smaller sets for children or grandchildren to learn the game and have their friends over for some outdoor physical activity.

This game can be a very exciting way to spend some time outdoors with your family friends and neighbors!

Try croquet and see!