Elder Care at Home

Many people don't realie how nice it is to have elder care in their own home so they can stay out of hospitals and rest homes.

Elder care at home consists of assistance with meal preparation, bathroom hygiene, shopping for necessities, companionship and transportation to doctor appointments.

At some point in our lives, we may need care at home or may be caring for a relative in either their home or our own home. We also need to have a trained caregiver take some of the burden off a family caregiver.

Your friendly trained caregiver can assist you with daily tasks, as well as being a friend to talk to, a protector when you are out at public places and a provider of security in your home.

Training is important. Although you may be very qualified to do most chores for in home care, there are certain safety precautions that should be in place to protect both of you when a caregiver is hired.

These precautions include lifting and moving a person, certain foods, chocking hazards, what the elder person should not be doing (such as using a microwave)and more.

Both my wife and I have needed caregivers to assist us when coming home from surgery and once I needed elder assistance after a bad fall. Elder care at home sure beats staying in a hospital any time.

Once you try at home elder care, you will find the caregiver is the best kept secret of aging.

For those who want to learn caregiving, there are many programs available to teach you the skills necessary or you can hire a RNA or CNA to show you the ropes. Both of these nursing designations are trained to care for elderly in their home.

If you are an elderly person in need of care outside the home, please don't wait to find quality care near you.

You would be under no obligation but can find out all of your options for qualified care.

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