Golf for Seniors

As we all know, golf is great for seniors.

You can benefit from the walking, and meeting with friends.

However, there are some considerations such as energy level, how much weight can you carry, getting in and out of golf carts all day, comfortable shoes and a hat to protect from sunburn.

You you will want to buy the clubs that are necessary. Can you live without the whole bag of clubs? Or bring along a caddie to carry them for you?

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You might want to rent or purchase a cart so you don't have to stand for hours. You could sit out a round, if necessary and use the cart to get to the next hole, and saving your energy by riding in the golf cart. It's fun no matter what.

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You may want to get a bag with large wheels that is easy to pull along. And lightweight clubs.

If a cart is not for you, to save your back, and feet, get quality shoes and possibly a portable folding chair made for picnics.

Whatever your skill level is, we all know there is room for improvement. Whether your competitive or not, there are books and videos to show you how the pros make their shots. There is always room for improvement.

Your clothing should feel comfortable and not tight. You can find great sports shirts at many stores.

Sunburns aren't fun. Skin is more easily sunburned and cancer prone as we age. So, don't forget a hat!

Once outfitted with all of your gear, find a friend who is also interested in getting out there on the green.

If you have any health issues such as blood pressure or a heart condition, don't over exert. Playing 9 or less rounds of golf might be more appropriate and still give you the fun of getting out with your friends.

Have a great time on the green and try to avoid the thunderstorms!

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