Hobbies and Games for Seniors

Hobbies and games are an easy way for seniors to have fun with their grandchildren and friends. Everyone benefits from the enjoyment they bring.

First of all, do you have an activity that you do on your own a few times a week? Not everyone does. In this busy world, we forget sometimes to stop and find some enjoyment.

Some require skill and dedication. So, take up a new pursuit and learn a new skill!

You can make your new interest a family project. Whether you are young or not, have children or grandchildren, you can bring the group together for an exciting activity and a great memory.

There is a great website for scale modelers to get tips on model painting, weathering, building RC cars, planes, ships and sailboats.

Learn about the universe and make new friends while you gaze at the beauty above us.

Stargazing and the study of the universe is a great hobby for anyone, whether single, a couple or a family.

You can take your grandchildren to the planetarium, set up a telescope in a park, take a astronomy class, or locate a star party of fellow gazers and mingle.

Find Astronomy hobby

Some of the contributors race everything from slot cars to nitro racers, from planes to model sailboats.

Find your way to Scale Modelers Handbook

Before you spend on supplies, decide who will be involved in this activity. Will it be yourself, your family members, an activity to spend time with friends, or for a competition?

Once you have decided who will be involved, it is time to think about the budget. Do you want this to be a small budget item? Or will it be a long term project with unlimited potential? And don't forget to check the Internet for great hobby and game supplies.

A friend of mine remodels classic cars. Not a cheap past time but a very popular one. It gives him satisfaction.

You will find more about him at classic cars

Whether you go all out or take on a smaller project, you will find satisfaction while building and creating.

One of my favorite past times is building model cars and airplanes. A friend of mine takes it a step further with the remote control flying planes and helicopters. He loves to tease with the low flying tricks. Hold onto your hat!

Games are another pursuit of mine. I don't have to build them but whether it is a board game or cards, I'm in when anyone else is interested.

If you are the crafty type, you'll find many craft ideas at our crafts page

All of these fun activities keep the mind active and replenishing the synapses for long term fighting off dementia.

Personally, I found several hobbies I have an interest in that also create a job opportunity!

We all learn a great deal from our fun activities. Many of us become experts along the way.

You have the opportunity to take that skilled knowledge and turn it into a part time money making retirement fund.

How do you do that?

Easy with Solo Build It's fill in the blank website maker. It's so easy, your grandchildren could make a website.

You don't need to learn the HTML, IT or other computer skills that take time and possibly schooling to know.

Solo Build It does all the hard stuff for you.

I thought I'd never be able to make a website that could grow and make money. I tried cheap cookie cutter sites and free store fronts and did not go anywhere with them.

But with Solo Build It, I found that the once a year fee covers all the great stuff needed to make the site, while Solo Build It does all the hard stuff.

All I needed was my favorite interest, hobby or craft, or a skill that I could provide my expertise to the many visitors from around the world.

So, get on your hobby horse and have sun fun with your favorite past time.

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