Knitting for Seniors

Knitting for Seniors is a great way to socialize!

You can also:

Learn how to crochet

Make spending money selling your projects at fairs

Do fund raising for church or other groups

Get great manual dexterity, making your hands stronger. It sould be much easier to open jars.

There are videos available that will teach you how to make a sweater, scarf, kitchen pads and more.

You can make the most beautiful crocheted designs, from The Vintage Crochet Collection, 317 one-of-a-kind vintage crochet patterns that are over 100 years old! Click Here!

There are knitting and crocheting clubs in most communities and retirement homes. These clubs usually meet once a week and work on small projects for fun.

The added benefit is the social interaction. Your physical well being will improve by attending social groups, and being with close friends. Being part of a club is one of the best ways to maintain your health.

There are craft fairs and bazaars throughout the year, especially during the Holiday season.

You can rent a small booth, share one with a friend or group and sell your crafts. I know quite a few people who do this every year to make extra Christmas spending money. Some do quite well.

If you are selling your crafts for your church or a charity, make sure you have a sign that tells your customers. Lots of people love to help these groups with fund raising.

The secret to selling your crafts at a fair is to be busy and not pay attention to what your potential customer is looking at. High pressure sales will scare them away.

Place a small bowl of candy or a free sample in front and make sure you have a sign that states "free candy" or "free sample".

Smile! Don't worry about the sale. You are here to have fun! Manual dexterity in your hands is a side benefit. You will understand if you take up these skills. Your hands will get stronger and more flexible.

You'll be surprised that it will be easier to open jars. Your circulation will improve and you might get some added arthritis relief.

What ever reason you take up knitting or crocheting, you will enjoy the benefits!

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