Learn Candle Making

You can learn how to do candle making. Create your own in case of a power outage! Teach your grandkids and show them the safety rules.

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Items that are generally needed to make candles are:

A melting pot

There are special melting pots made of stainless steel, or aluminum. But they run around 400-800. If you are making candles for resale, then a quality pot is necessary.

If you are just trying to have fun or make some gifts for family, friends, and other seniors, then we suggest you find an old saucepan. That way it won't matter so much if you can't get all the wax out.

Or get a melting pot within a beginner's candle making kit that includes all the other items needed to make your first candle!

Choose the type of Wax

Petroleum wax

The most common wax used is paraffin, made from refined crude oil. Two other petroleum waxes are Microcrystallines and Petrolatum.


Comes from the honey worker bee glands. It is chewed by the bees and formed into the honeycomb. The wax is cleaned after the honey is removed.


The hydrogenation of soybean oil from the soybean.


The hydrogenation of palm oil from pal trees.


Fairly new in the industry and derived from hydrocarbon based stock. 

Type of Wick

Type and length depend on how large or tall your candle is going to be.

Melt the wax inside the melting pot. Take the temperature with a thermometer made for cooking. Once the wax is melted and the temp you have selected, pour it into the form you are using or follow the specific directions for your candle design. Don't forget the wick!

Once you've made one candle, you can usually figure the length easily.

Or try one of the how to books that will also teach you how to add interesting scents, colors and decorative items.

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Safety Concerns

Be sure to follow the basic safety rules. Hot wax can cause burns or damage to your carpet or floor.

Don’t pour melted wax down the sink drain or into the toilet.

Always keep a good fire extinguisher closeby.

Never leave hot wax unattended.

Use a thermometer so you always know the temperature of the wax.

Keep wax away from an open flame. It is highly flamable.

Always use some type of holder when handling a pouring pot so you don't burn your hands.

Don’t overheat the wax.

There are many inexpensive kits available to try in different waxes for beginners.

A beginner kit comes with its own pouring pot. Once you have made one candle, it will be easier and you can try different designs, colors and scents.

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