Pets For Seniors

Pets for Seniors are usually small dogs or cats and are easier to manage.

If you are a cat person, they are usually available through family, a friend, a local pet store or the closest animal shelter.

They will need to have their shots right away and then once a year at their annual checkup. Be sure to ask the veterinarian if there is a senior discount.

A small dog is a great companion for senior citizens but they require some work.

Picking a new dog that is a good fit for you may be hard to do. Some of you may have had a large dog when you were raising a family. You might not be sure if you want to care for a dog after moving to a smaller place.

If you have downsized your home after retirement, it is more difficult to keep a large dog. A smaller dog or a cat is ideal for smaller homes and won't feel trapped in a mobile home, condo, apartment or retirement center.

If you have a breed in mind, then it should be easy to choose. If you are still undecided, you can find books that will inform you of their particular traits such as how needy they are, do they bark or are they quiet, timid or outgoing, and how to care for that breed. A small amount of training will give you a well behaved dog.

They are good for your heart, help to lower your blood pressure, alleviate depression and improve circulation since they require daily care.

Small dogs are especially helpful to you and improve your well being.

Your Heart and Circulation
Dogs make you walk them. They enjoy the smells, the sites and the people they see.

Walking makes your heart and circulation improve. If done regularly, you will find you can control your weight better, and maintain muscle tone.

Lower your Blood Pressure
There is something calming about going for a walk with your best friend, your dog.

When we are calmed and breathing in long, slow breaths, our blood pressure can normalize.

Holding a pet, whether a dog or cat, and petting them also stimulates calming hormones that helps to keep your blood pressure normal.

Stop Depression and Loneliness
Who could be depressed when you have your best friend to talk to? Senior citizens can be home bound but having a little friend around can alleviate loneliness.

Taking a walk, spending time in your garden, talking to and petting your dog or cat is mood enhancing.

You can also meet with your neighbors along the way, stop to gossip or say Hi and enjoy getting away from the house for a short period. The change of scenery and being around people should improve your mood.

Good care is important for both of you.

Creating a personalized space can keep them happier. While most cats know how to create their own private sleeping area and play space, little doggies need you to help them with their playtime needs.

You will find some great playtime toys and beds at various pet and dog toy stores.

All senior pets should have a place they will feel safe when going outside to get fresh air. A small cat or dog does not need nearly as much room to run and play as a larger dog. But they should still have a little area where they feel it is their very own.

The corner of a small yard or a portion of a patio can be customized with an outdoor covered dog bed or dog house and a basket or bin to collect their toys.

Their private space should have a shady spot to nap and feel safe. If you do not have an outdoor space, you can create a private area inside your home near a window with their personal items.

Small dogs get lonely, just like people. They are social animals and if started early in their life, socialization with other small dogs can make them friendlier and happier. They should be less likely to bite people and other dogs if they are socialized throughout their life.

Does your little dog have a bad behavior such as barking a lot, chewing on their paws and everything else, aggressive behavior towards people or other animals, or biting people?

Many or even all of these bad behaviors can be improved or completely eliminated when they have had a regular social environment to go have fun. They may just have some anxiety or boredom that can be improved with getting away from the day to day routine and even from their owner.

Yes, that’s right. Dogs need to get away from us sometimes. They need to get together with their own friends. They will come home more excited about their own life and be a happier pet for you.

A small dog day care is ideal for your pet to spend time with their friends and meet new friends. A few hours once or twice a week is ideal for most small dogs. And you will notice that they look forward to their outing to the little dog retreat

These specialized small pet day cares are much safer than a park where it is possible for large dogs to scare them or hurt them.

If your dog is nervous at one of the pet stores where dogs are kept in cages, try a small business day care that specializes in smaller dogs where they won't be around large dogs that might frighten them.

Small dogs can feel afraid when locked up in cages in a strange environment. To be optimal for your pet, the day care should have a quiet place to sleep, a safe yard that they can run in and be supervised, and feel comfortable with the person in charge.

You will have a happier dog or cat and they will love you for it.

Your pet's health is important and ailments may not be noticeable. Diabetes, arthritis and other ailments can strike an older pet. To keep your pet comfortable, remember to take your dog or cat to the vet once a year.

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