Resumes for Seniors

Resumes for seniors will help you show off your best sills and desires to the employer of your choice for the job you want.

We may be retired or want to change careers but age should not influence our employers. But it can sometime limit us if we don't know what to write down. That is why we all need a little help to showcase our best skills and experiences.

What skills do you list when you have already retired?

Take a good long look at what you want to do, not what you previously did, and write it down.

Now cross out what you may not be able to do physically.

Have you any choices left that seem interesting?

What about taking a new direction?

If you are unsure of the new jobs available on the Internet, or work at home jobs, check our jobs for seniors page

In the software skills builder, there are over 40 templates to choose from for the look and feel you like.

Once you chosen your templates, there are suggestions on what words not to use, examples of what other people have made and what yours should look like.

You want to keep it simple, clean looking, without years and years of detailed information that is hard to read.

With this easy to use software, you will be able to complete your resume in 10 minutes!

You can make more than one, customizing them to particular businesses.

Once you are done, there is an additional section to assist you in making a great cover letter.