Save Your Feet! Take a Senior Bicycle Tour!

Senior bicycle tours are a way to sight see, travel or race in a group. You can travel almost anywhere on bicycle. Parking is free and your health is improved.

Traveling by bicycle can be invigorating or leisurely. There are groups in all age ranges and travel tours all over the world.

Many of these groups are long term enthusiasts who have found a favorite way to enjoy their destination without the worry of parking, and polluting the planet.

When a senior citizen is considering a any travel tour, they need to consider their age in relation to the group they are joining.

Some groups travel fast and light. You will want to ask questions about:

How long is the trip?
Is this a day trip, half day trip, several days or weeks?

How often will we rest?
Every two hours? Only at mealtimes? Only at night?

What accommodations are along the way?
Tent? Motel? Take turns in the back of a van?

What if my tire pops along the way?
Is there a spare? Do I have to bring my own repair parts? Will someone help me fix a flat?

What if I get hurt?
Injuries can happen. What will they do if I get hurt and have to quit? Do they help with getting home? Do they have a place to store my bike if I get injured and can't ride it home?

Do they provide the food at each meal?
Do they have snacks, as well? What kinds of food are available?

Is water provided?
How much water? Is it included with tour cost? How often can I refill my bottle?

How long do they stop to eat and what hours are planned?
Do they stop to eat for an hour, less or more?

What if I just don't want to ride part of the way?
Is there a van I can ride in part of the way if I am tired?

Do you have a list of suggested items that I should bring?
Where do you keep my supplies? How much can I bring? Is there a way to communicate to you when I need my supplies?

All of these questions should be asked for your safety and to alleviate any concerns. A quality business should have answers to these questions and be able to provide assistance to ensure your safety and enjoyment. You want to know that your concerns are their high priority.

Once you have found the group that has your interests and safety in mind, you will need to pack along extra gear for potential flats, first aid supplies for scraped knees and sore thighs from rubbing during cycling and changes of clothing. Pack the suggested amount of everything.

Experienced senior bicycle tour groups usually are good judge of what most people need. If you have any special needs, let them know before you book your trip. Then, they can accommodate your needs or let you know that their particular tour is not for you. But then, they may know one that is perfect for you!

Don't forget to add a small camera that you can keep in a small bike bag. You'll want to savor the memories of your enjoyable trip.

Senior Bicycle Tours