Senior Citizen Driving

Senior Citizen Driving skills can be improved. There is a way to keep your license longer if you are a senior.

As we age, we may have a more difficult time with steering, changing the gears or using the brakes due to injuries, physical handicaps or pain.

Other impairments includes not knowing the latest laws, vision changes due to cataracts or far sightedness, and night blindness.

Did you know there are specific driver improvement classes just made for anyone over 55?

Not only can they help you learn the newest rules, they also can teach you to be a better driver.

Suggested changes in the current laws may require anyone over 55 to consider the following:

self-limited driving
This is where you know what you can do or not when driving. Some seniors should not be on the freeway. Some shouldn't drive at all. Health conditions should always be considered before getting behind the steering wheel.

Once you know your limitations, you should adjust your driving to within your limits for your own safety, as well as others.

driver improvement classes
A course that can be taken online to show you your limitations and where there can be improvements. Once taken, you can also save 5 to 10% off your car insurance.

Learn how to improve your driving, and understand that we all need more time for a decision as we age so we won't put ourselves in a dangerous position.

vision adjustments
Most people have vision changes after 55. Night blindness is a common problem as we all age. So are cataracts.

If oncoming cars seem blurry in the dark, you should not be on the road. Learn to get your errands done in the daytime in clear weather.

Many seniors do not properly check their rear view mirror before changing lanes, taking a right turn or stopping. This common problem leads to rear end crashes and painful whiplash.

A good ophthalmologist should give your eyes a thorough exam every year.

physical rehabilitation If you can't see over the car's wheel, don't drive. You may have lost some height over the years and a thick cushion made for cars might work perfectly.

Strength can be lost due to age, accident or medical problem. If you have had a stroke or heart attack or other medical impairment, you may need some physical therapy before getting behind the wheel. Physical therapy has been proven to increase driving strength and reduce accidents by a minimum of 8%.

cognitive skills enhancement
Research has shown that if a driver fails a cognitive test, he is more than 25% likely to crash. That should be enough to make you want to improve your cognitive skills.

What are they? The brain gets tired from routine and gets lazy. It needs to be challenged to stay strong like a muscle.

There are web simulators that can help improve your cognitive skills.

Brain fitness program developed by a psychologist have been shown to assist the driver to react faster, cutting crash risk by 50%.

Insurance Institute researchers believe that many senior citizens can continue to drive if they work out their health problems, stay physically fit, keep up with new driving laws, and improve their cognitive skills. We all want to be safe on the road.