Senior Citizen Employment

Senior citizen employment, whether online or work at home jobs are a way for you to make supplemental income while at home.

All you need is a computer and some time.

There are numerous types of online and work at home jobs that anyone can do, including you. Businesses are hiring seniors in record numbers. You just need to look in the right places and choose what you like.

A great resource for employment, whether online or not, is

At seniors 4 hire, it is free to join if you are 50 or over. There is a membership registration form to fill out. You will need to write a brief statement or two describing the type of work you can do. Once you have become a free member, you can access the job opportunity section with your log in ID and password.

This is a great site. I have registered and used

Many of you are computer savvy, prefer to work at home, and avoid the rush hour traffic. For you, there are online jobs and work that the employer prefers you to work at your home. his gives you the opportunity to get a

senior citizen home job

If typing on the computer is not your idea of work, and you have the skills to clean up the mess left behind in foreclosed homes, then you may want to try working with the banks and mortgage companies. they have thousands of homes that need to be cleaned up, fixed up and ready for market. The banks don't have time to look for people who can do this job. That gives you an upper hand. Learn how you can promote yourself for this work. Click Here!

clean up foreclosed homes

If you are interested in making money off of your hobbies, then check our Hobbies page!

Remember, when you are looking for a new job, write down your skills, hobbies, interests and you will find you are capable of many jobs that are available for seniors.

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