Senior Citizen Retirement

Senior citizen retirement has changed since the recession.

Life isn't what most of us expected. But there are ways to fix the situation for many of you.

To improve your senior lifestyle, we have suggestions for jobs, social security, debt and your IRA.

To improve or maintain your senior citizen retirement lifestyle, you need to be as debt free as possible.

Is there anything in the owed column that you could sell? Many people could get a hold of their finances if they did not owe on a mortgage.

Selling a home may be the right thing for you. Home prices are continually falling with no end in sight.

Down sizing to a smaller home, apartment, mobile home or condo early in your retirement will help you down the road.

When you change your assets, remember to do some estate planning with a new will that you have included up to date address changes and other information.

You can find more about senior estate planning at

Retirement used to mean a lifestyle of leisure. But many of us are holding down a job due to losses in stocks and home equity.

Try supplementing your social security. Retired seniors can do these jobs

Most work, such as retail at Walmart or Sam's Club, do not pay well. You are on your feet all day. But they may be more flexible with shorter hours. Others may require specific training such as pastor jobs.

If you already have the job skills, then go after a job that you are qualified for. Senior citizen retirement should not have to include going back to school. However, if you want to go to school, many schools offer free classes or senior citizen grants.

Caregivers are in high demand. Make sure your senior citizen back won't give out or take on work that does not require lifting. Seniors with dementia or Alzheimers are being taken care of by family members but need a break, too. Offer to watch their loved ones so they can get the break they deserve.

You can work either through an agency or for a neighbor or friend in need with little or no training.

Benefits includes flexible hours, part time, where companionship and light cooking are usually available in caregiving

If you are a retired senior citizen who has run a business in the past, then the eldercare business might be perfect for you.

Talented and skilled retired senior citizens would do well if they created a web site, such as mine, with Site Build It website builder.

Many people own a computer and know how to type. You can work at home making a web site. It is very easy with SBI

How does it make money? Articles you write and advertising that is easy to set up.

For those who have goods to sell, there is the added bonus of being able to sell your home made crafts, art or other items all over the world.

All senior citizens have been worried about the stock market. It's time to take control of your money.

Whatever you do, you need to safeguard your retirement IRA and pension funds to make them last. Careful investing, possibly splitting it between a conservative mutual fund and a senior citizen retirement account that you control.

You can do it yourself at one of the online sites that allows you to purchase your own stocks. After all, being a retired senior citizen, you may have the time to analyze the stock market for a better investment decision.

Whatever you decide to do to improve your senior citizen retirement lifestyle, remember that getting started is the hardest part of change.