Senior Life Insurance

Senior Life Insurance is a safety net for your loved ones.

If you have the right policy type, it can also assist you in many other ways.

For instance, during this economic and housing recession, you could have a provision so that it can be borrowed against.

Some policies allow your insurance to be used for long term care if you have a heart attack, stroke, surgery or otherwise need senior life insurance that covers hiring a caregiver

Home health care assistance costs aren't covered in regular medical coverage or Medicare. The right policy can allow you to stay at home with proper medical care and not have to borrow against your home equity or savings.

Since not all policies are alike, you owe it to yourself to check with your agent to provide for these potential future needs so you don't get caught without enough coverage.

If you are over 50, you can buy term, whole life or universal and other options.


Term is cheaper and a very popular option.


Similarly, a policy that does not require an exam costs a little more but allows those with health conditions. There is usually a waiting period of a year or more before it fully covers the insured.


Another type, known as graded, is less costly and usually available only to seniors. Check to see if you qualify.


If you have a risky job such as stunt man or woman, or skydive for fun, or have a health condition such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes, you can still get senior life insurance but are likely to pay more.

Be prepared for your own future. Get a quote or talk to your agent. You will be glad you did.