Senior Online Dating Community

Senior online dating community is the place to find your soul mate.

Have you been sitting around thinking someone will just fall into your lap? It won't happen unless you get yourself out there and try to find your soul mate.

These days people are wary of strangers on the street, even if they are smiling. There are too many times men and women have made the mistake of trying to date someone, only to find they are not compatible.

What are you to do?

Get yourself signed up to one of the where you can take a compatibility test that will weed out the non-compatible types for you.

The test is easy and does the hard work so you can meet a few people in the senior online dating community.

Follow up with those and email or chat onlne.

Decide how and where you will meet the first time. It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman, precautions for your safety are important.

A daytime date is best

Not too close to home

A public place where there is seating

Examples: Starbucks, Grocery store deli snack bar, mall food court, ice cream shop with tables, bookstore with seating

We all think we are a good judge of character. But as we all know, there are sharks out there. Being a senior means you need to be careful and let your family or a good friend know you are meeting seniors you met on an online dating site.

So, follow up dates should be public places and events until you have one of the following.

met a friend or family member of theirs

asked how they spend, save or invest money

How do they treat other people

Find out if they are widowed, divorced, separated or never married and if they need to do something to truly be single.

Are they looking for a booty call or something serious

Some people might lie to you. It is up to you to search for the truths and don't take anything less.

If you follow safety guidelines, you should be respected by the other person for caring about yourself. If they don't, then run the opposite way. You should not be questioned for being cautious.

So, if all goes well through those requirements, and there's good feeling about the person, then you have made a good choice with online dating.

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