Senior Scholarship Sponsors

Senior sponsored scholarships is about seniors helping college students get back in school, get their degree and become an important part of America's future.

College costs have hit the roof creating massive debt for college students. They could almost have bought a home with the debt of tuition. Colleges have more than doubled their tuition and books in the past 4 years! Should a student have to pay $40,000. to $80,000. Or more just to get a four year degree?

Programs to assist students with their college costs have shrunk due to their own bad investing or lack of donations. Numerous students are caught in the middle of these programs, halfway or less through school.

Unfortunately, once they are not going to classes, no matter what the reason, they have approximately six months to get a job and then they are required to begin payment with interest. At that time, the interest begins to pile up on top of the debt, leaving many college students feeling overwhelmed and desperate.

These students would prefer to get a job and pay the debt themselves. However, these days getting a job is extremely hard.

When you are not trained and do not have a college degree, it is even harder. The largest demographic group that is unemployed is surprisingly the 18 to 30 range.

For those who are trying to repay loans, many of them can't even get a low paying job. The desperation continues to get worse. As we all know, debt, plus loss of job, plus loneliness can cause a desperate person to just call it quits. We have in our power to improve the lives of our nation's children and help improve our country's future.

If you have the heart to help a student, the future of our America, you can make a huge difference in their life.

Seniors who want to give back to their community can assist a student with their college costs, even a small amount can make a difference.