Tea for Seniors!

A tea party can be a fun way to spend time with your friends. Have some neighbors over for an old fashioned get together.

When is the last time you had a tea party?

This fun past time used to be a staple in many countries, including all British countries and China.

This little drink has been around since mankind found some little leaves that could be used medicinally, sooth your nerves, stimulate energy and just tastes good.

Tea leaves come from all over the world. The varieties are almost endless. And yet, how much do we drink?

Studies have shown that cancer can be reduced for moderate tea drinkers. That would be about three to five cups a day.

Most people could drink that much tea easily. Consider the average coffee cup is about 12 ounces. Two of your coffee cups full would give you cancer resisting assistance.

Although most of the studies have been on green or black tea, there are so many varieties that also improve health, you are bound to find your tea for seniors in many flavors that you like.

Once you have a few flavors to try out, get out your best tea pot.

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Call a few girlfriends or that special man you like, and invite them over for a tea party!

Your grandchildren will feel all grown up if they were invited.

Add cake, cookies or English crumpet and enjoy!

Tea Time Pleasures