Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

Many seniors do not realize there is travel insurance for senior citizens to protect their belongings in case of theft or other losses.

When you travel, there are several areas of concern that you need to be prepared for.

Emergency Medical and Dental Expense

Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation

Baggage Loss

Baggage Delay

Airflight Insurance

Trip Delay

Trip Cancellation/Interruption

Travel Assistance

If you plan ahead and get travel insurance, you will be covered in case of these losses, have a less stressful vacation and if something does happen, you know who to contact to help you.

Your current health coverage may not work in other countries. Medicare is an American Insurance for Social Security recipients to use while in the United States.

Outside of the USA, you may need a supplemental policy that temporarily covers your out of country vacation in case you get sick, injured or have lost your prescription.

Luggage is quite often lost at airports, stolen from hotel rooms, or left in cabs.

Suddenly you are left with little or no clothing but what is on your back. Replacing this clothing and other personal necessities can be expensive.

Identification theft can happen to travelers. ID theft, passport misplaced or lost and then how will you get home?

Medical travel insurance for senior citizens is available to keep you healthy on your quest for fun. Emergency medical and dental plans are affordable and a lifesaver if your tooth suddenly aches or your dentures are accidentally thrown away by a maid.

If you have a health condition such as heart or diabetes or need prescription refills, you will want to be covered while on your trip.

Baggage protection insurance costs very little and can save you from a gigantic headache. Most policies have point-to-point protection for damaged, lost, delayed, or stolen baggage, including checked bags, carry-on bags, and bags on hotel property.

Global trip delay insurance, or cancellation interruption insurance is available for seniors and helps you recover your hard earned money if something goes wrong with the travel arrangements.

I used to think it a joke to get air flight insurance. But with all the flight accidents around the world, I now seek out quality coverage with up to $1.5 million for accidental death, dismemberment and serious accidental injuries, including travel to and from the airport.

Be sure to check with your current agent, in case your policy covers you in any of these areas or is just a basic life insurance policy

If something does happens to you, your loved ones will be taken care of, and your potential accidents will be covered without worry about costs.

You will enjoy your vacation much more if you spend the time planning and getting coverage for any of these potential problems.

When you know that all of these areas of concern will be dealt with, you can really enjoy your destination.

Travel the smart way and take comfort in knowing you are covered!

Travel Insurance for the Unthinkable