WorkSource for Seniors Jobs Connection- Helping to Find Your Next Job

WorkSource has a Seniors Jobs Connection.

Connect to your State's Worksource Jobs Center center where you can get valuable job assistance at your State run job employment center. Help is available via job counseling, retraining, resume posting, job fair listings and workshops.

If you are not familiar with your State's unemployment office, it is a place that each State has provided its citizens in order to find jobs. Basically, it is the unemployment office.

The current unemployment offices have made their resources available online and at locations around each State to make it easier on you.

The services available are:

Internet search for Jobs

Kiosks at each location

Group workshops and activities

Consultations by job counselors

Resume Help

Training programs

Business consultations

Many people have a computer at home and can reach their State's Worksource Internet access to job listings that seniors can do.

Did you know there are:

Newspaper listings both online and on site. The workshops include how to look for a job, and how to keep a job

Information on the Fastest Growing Careers for the Future and Wage Information

Referrals to Training and Community Services

Unemployment Insurance Assistance

Translation Services for those who don't speak English

For those who prefer to go in person, there are computers, copiers, faxes and all of the other career resources available at each location.

If you plan to search for employment in the same type of work, they provide links to the major employment search businesses.

Simply Hired

Many people do not know there are smaller, niche related employment and directory agencies. Some of these are contract and direct hire recruitment firms searching for specialists in their field.

Find your niche in one of the sites listed below:
Dedicated to assisting people with disabilities
Focuses on Architectural and Construction industries
Features internships for college students
Nat'l parks, ski resorts, ranches, theme parks, & tours
High Tech independent contractors
Helps the disabled
Teachers and speech therapists
Alaska fishing, Airline, Cruise, Ski Resort, Casino and Gambling, Outdoor Park & Guide
Kindergarden thru high school, vocational school
College student and recent grads
Engineering, Power and Telecom
WSJ career site offers positions in for executives, management and profesionals
Washington State health care jobs statewide

If you know of a service that we haven't listed, please let us know.

If your field has been one that has been hit hard by the economy or you just want a change, try one of the many training programs.

For any age group, there are Worksource Jobs Training programs available to suit many people's needs, including seniors:

Apprentice programs

Laid off workers

Washington Service Corps

Persons with Disabilities

Dislocated Worker


Older Adults

The link to the older adult training is under Training Programs.

For example, Washington State's

Training Programs

Some training programs allow you to collect unemployment so you can concentrate on the class.

Worksource has a government jobs section where you can look up employment in local and State government, which includes county, city, library and port work.

There is a section that lists Federal government work both In Washington D.C and throughout the United States. All of the military branches are represented, as well.

Home health care work funded by the State has its own section.

Classified job ads in all of the main newspapers and many of the smaller local newspapers.

For example, in Washington State, 30 newspapers are listed that you can search through. You may find you like the one of the newspapers and want to subscribe.

Washington State Newspapers

These resources are available for you to use for free. Try it out, go to a workshop and you may be surprised that your job search is easier than expected at

Worksource Jobs

See the latest news stories around the USA.

Updated daily for your benefit is the latest in job news

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